Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Christmastime...

... and my house is NOT festive at all. AT ALL!!!

Mom still has her Fall/Thanksgiving decorations out. Decorations that consist of plastic pumpkins in varying sizes, black cats that cackle, and a scarecrow that's not scary at all.

It needs to go. Pronto!

So yesterday I said we should get the tree out.

But see... things are never as easy as... "Hey, let's get the tree out." "Sure, sounds good." And out comes the tree and it sets itself up, somehow magically. Yeah, this ain't Harry Potter. This is real life. This is MY LIFE and it's HELL!!!

After some fuss, we got the tree out. Out of the room it was stored in. Out of the box. And that's as far as it got. No base.




We can't just use the funny three-legged base we have. No. OH NO!! THAT would be too difficult.

The tree came with a weighted plastic base. Which we cannot find!! We looked in all the Christmas boxes in the storage room. Not there. Plenty of other crap. No base.

By the time we had looked through everything, we were starving and fit to be tied. I just wanted a nap! But I had to cook. So I cooked. Dinner turned out well. Mom actually ate the meat!


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