Sunday, November 20, 2011


I think perhaps... maybe just maybe I watch too  much television.

The other night I had a weird dream. I went to lunch with friends (no clue who these people were supposed to be, actually). Lunch was in a far off place. We drove and drove (carpooled, don't ya know). Down a deserted road, nothing there, then a restaurant. So we ate. Then we got back into the car. By the time we hit the road again just about everyone had to go potty badly. BADLY!! There were cramps and moans. One person threatened to jump out of the car. I think Leela from Futurama was one of the characters in the dream, and Jack from Lost.

DON'T JUDGE ME!!! It was a dream!

So we find this 'city'... complex... whatever. Oddly it was the same route we had taken to get to lunch and we had not passed this place... funny how places just pop up in dreams. So we parked on top of a parking garage. Did I mention the whole city place was white? No color. Not one speck of paint anywhere.

So we're all split up looking for a way off the parking garage and a g-damned restroom. Why we couldn't have walked down the ramp we drove up, I do not know. And then a bomb happened. Up in the sky, plain as day. One of those old timey missiles with the propeller thing on the back. So it hits the parking garage which turns out not to be a parking garage at all. So now we can climb down the hole... into this room full of junk. And there was a cage with a thing in it.

Thing is the only word I can use... it looked like a monkey mouse. Jabba the Hutt's companion. That creepy little guy. Him. But he was a zombie!! What? Yeah, a zombie. So, my dream turned into a zombie movie/show!

We got out of the room and were questioned. But we were just relieved to see people. Apparently we forgot we needed to use the restroom. And apparently we knew the world turned to zombies while we were at lunch.

I'm never sleeping again!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And so...

Don't ask me how, but I totally forgot The Walking Dead was on last night. ??? Eh? I guess with that stupid Amazing Race and Once Upon A Time, I got distracted. Oh, and I finally finished my pompom Christmas wreath. I feel so accomplished and so brainless at the same damn time!! grrr-- arrrrrg!!

Also Hell on Wheels. Helen Wheels? No, Hell on Wheels. It was pretty good, but that main guy needs to stop mumbling. Were you in Meridian, Mississippi?? Why.. no, no I wasn't. Why do you ask? o_O

And they KILLED OFF CAPTAIN STOTTLEMEYER!!! He could have been a great protagonist... well, he was doing a great job. Why kill him?? WHY??!!! I'd have watched just for him... he might have been the only one to watch it for. I have no idea who the main guy is!!

I got to see all the missing shows On Demand, so there is that. And boy I need some sort of... system. A system or someplace to write down tv schedules and when things come on, etc. Something... Can't remember what it's called. Hmmm...

Eh, I'll stick it all up on a Sticky Post it thing, right in the middle of my desktop... on Robert's forehead. ;)

And I wonder if the Major knew that surveyor that died. Hmmm...