Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And so...

Don't ask me how, but I totally forgot The Walking Dead was on last night. ??? Eh? I guess with that stupid Amazing Race and Once Upon A Time, I got distracted. Oh, and I finally finished my pompom Christmas wreath. I feel so accomplished and so brainless at the same damn time!! grrr-- arrrrrg!!

Also Hell on Wheels. Helen Wheels? No, Hell on Wheels. It was pretty good, but that main guy needs to stop mumbling. Were you in Meridian, Mississippi?? Why.. no, no I wasn't. Why do you ask? o_O

And they KILLED OFF CAPTAIN STOTTLEMEYER!!! He could have been a great protagonist... well, he was doing a great job. Why kill him?? WHY??!!! I'd have watched just for him... he might have been the only one to watch it for. I have no idea who the main guy is!!

I got to see all the missing shows On Demand, so there is that. And boy I need some sort of... system. A system or someplace to write down tv schedules and when things come on, etc. Something... Can't remember what it's called. Hmmm...

Eh, I'll stick it all up on a Sticky Post it thing, right in the middle of my desktop... on Robert's forehead. ;)

And I wonder if the Major knew that surveyor that died. Hmmm...


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