Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm in under the gun, so it's okay. Late for cake, but okay.
Today is Robert Knepper's bday! So I made a cake... My mother eated it, apparently...
Cake. It's a Funfetti cake. It was a half batch in a tiny box for a dollar at Kmart! Dollar cake, sorry Mr. Knepper... It really wasn't intended to be a birthday cake, but it was there... 

Here's the frosting. Looks like crap, but tastes good. The dark part underneath is the mixed butter, sugar and vanilla. The white stuff on top is more confectioner's sugar. I had to darken the photo a little so you could see what's in the bowl.

Okay, here it is. I didn't want to take it out of the pan. We don't have any square plates, so this is a white trash birthday, I reckon. Also... no candles.

Here is the birthday boy in 'gonk' form. If you don't know what a gonk is, I suggest you visit wikipedia and give it a look. No, a gonk is not a Star Wars robot, not in this case. These gonks are much cuter... ;) Oh, see who is peeking over Robert's shoulder? Even my mom got that one. She laughed.

Ah, here's the birthday boy with his cake. I think he was going for the frosting!

Here he is with the first bite of cake. He looks a little stunned. Perhaps because it's so good? 

And here is the cake thief, thieving the cake.

I also made brownies and mom was moaning by the time she'd had two bites of cake.

Also... Robert was dressed as T-Bag for the evening's festivities. You can't see his blue pants. Also... barefooted. :p

Someday I will have a full body shot of wee Robert so you can see his whole cuteness. (I do realize it doesn't look a whole lot like the real person. It's a doll for cryin' out loud. Gonks aren't supposed to be the most detailed, that's why they're so charming. :p)

Monday, July 4, 2011


Well, I got nothing. I guess a rousing round of 'Happy 4th of July' or 'Happy Independence day America'. But I'm just not into it. We didn't do anything this year. Usually we get out the little grill and Dad does the charcoal. But this year Dad just wasn't around to do that for us. First holiday without him. It's just waaaay too fresh.