Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mango, mango, mango.... squirrel, mango, mango... 'possum, mango, mango... anole

Mangoes, pretty, aren't they?
Well, yes, they are, actually. They taste good too.
Pictures can be deceiving however. No one tells you that when you cut into one, the juices will dribble all over your hands, arms, clothes. You'll reek of mango juice for days, even after a thorough shower. You'll have mango sap under your finger nails and between your fingers. Mango strings between your teeth that no amount of flossing will get out.

And the smell. OH MY GOD, the smell! Not just the ripe smell, but the rotting smell. If you toss the rotting ones away, you have to do this very far from your house. No use throwing them into your neighbor's yard, you'll still smell them. For two months we have this-- this torture! It's almost over.

We also have people coming in and asking for them. Ripe, green, they don't care. It never fails, every mango season they come and we turn them away at first. But now... now I feel like standing on the sidewalk in front of the house and lobbing them into the open windows of cars passing by. That's how much I want to be rid of these. It's like a friggen Easter Egg hunt every day! Oh, and half of them aren't even edible because the squirrels, opossums, and that damn Cuban Anole (asshole) that lives in the tree.

Well, anywhoooo... One of these days I'll actually have pictures of my own to share. I have a project just finished that's good for a chuckle, or guffaw. Whatever.