Friday, May 27, 2011


What is it?
No, seriously. I've tried it before. About two years ago. Didn't like it. I mean... what do I have to tweet about?

dad driving me nuts again
Ate lunch.
got the poops
back to the bathroom, oops. (that wasn't supposed to rhyme!!)
Playing mahjong
playing solitaire
I'm bored, back to mahjong
Nap! nap nap nap!! ;)
Nothing on tv!! I'm bored! mahjong!
Sudoku anyone??
I want to craft! No craft! No sun! Booo hisssss
Geee, Robert Knepper is teh sexay!
I need to sew!! Too lazy to pull out sewing machine. Maybe tomorrow....

Yeah... that'll interest EVERYONE!! Psssshhhhhh!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bad Blogger

So I've been remiss in posting. I'm afraid I do that a whole lot. I guess I don't think things are important enough for everyone to read. But yet I've read some pretty silly blogs about nothing.

So hey, I'll post some pretty pictures here. I want this:

That's a Friesian. They come from the Netherlands. Soooo pretty!!!
I also want one of these:
It's a Gypsy Vanner Horse, or Gypsy Cob. Created to pull gypsy caravans in England. I don't think American type Gypsies or Travelers use them, nor do Carny Barkers.

Oddly enough, when I was a little girl I had no desires to own a horse or pony. My cousins said they were getting one for their birthday (it didn't happen) and I was like... "Why?" But now I want a horse, some sheep and goats, maybe a cow and bull, some ducks and swans and... oh... I'd like a farm and some people to tend it because I don't like manual labor too much. I guess if there were things to do, I'd do them, but I wouldn't be thrilled about it. :p

Also... I want this:

I love the way he leans. <3 <3 Now THAT'S a carnival barker, right there! I wonder if he owns a Gypsy Vanner....