Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of another year

I just read a crafting blog post. The lady summed up what she had done this year. So I got to thinking what I had done.

Not much. Really.

I read 52 romance novels this year. (And if I can read ten pages before midnight that will be 53!! Yay, I can count!)
Made a few pair of earrings for my mother.
Sewed one Gonk named Robert.
Sewed one plush owl for my aunt. She loved it.
Sewed one plush gingerbread boy for my aunt's grandson. He loved it.
Sewed one plush bear for my aunt's other grandson because I didn't want him to feel left out. Don't know if he liked it.
Sent off two bone polymer clay bracelets to my cousin. She thanked me.
Watched my father slowly succumb to lung cancer. Although I don't know if 'slowly' is the right word. From the beginning of April to the end of June. Is that slow or fast?
Attempted to sell on Etsy again. I'm a failure.
Prayed very hard that we sell this house so we can move someplace where job prospects for me are better. (Miami, it turns out, is the worst place in the country for available jobs. But I've KNOWN that for a long time now.)

And that's about it. My year in a nutshell.
I hate my life.
If I had a choice of reliving 2011 over again or dying... I'd rather die. Well... January through March wasn't too bad. It was just that stretch from April to December that's been pure hell for me.


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