Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A product review... sort of?

Okay, let me say I'm not getting paid for this review, and Yoplait had better be GLAD they didn't pay me because this isn't gonna be good for them...

So recently I went to the grocery store and thought I would try some random brand of Greek yogurt that EVERY yogurt maker has now. It's gotten so bad that two new brands have popped up. Oinkos and something else... chabata or chiamini or something, I can't remember.

Anyway, I thought I would try the Yoplait because it was cheaper than the others and I do like the taste of Yoplait, in general.
The store only had blueberry and honey vanilla. Well... I like blueberry yogurt. Yum! And I figured... Honey is a good flavor, so is vanilla. You can't go wrong with vanilla, right?


I tried the honey vanilla first. It was disgusting! It was like eating a dirty gym sock soaked in buttermilk and dipped in rotten egg.

This stuff was so vile I almost puked. I had the nasty aftertaste in my mouth even after I had brushed my teeth and tongue. Vile!

I would rather have eaten liver.

I hate liver.

And lima beans.

I like liver better than lima beans.

I like them both better than this honey vanilla greek puke.

So tonight... er this morning I thought I would go for the blueberry. I thought maybe the gross out taste of the honey vanilla was because I'd never had honey flavored yogurt before.

Oh how wrong I was!!!

There was an okay blueberry taste to this. However... the gross Greekiness of the previous flavor was still there! So I can't blame the honey flavor. It's completely the yogurt.

I only had three bites of this before I couldn't swallow anymore. It was just too vile. I still have the aftertaste in my mouth. I'm still scarred!!

Now, let me also say this...

I do like yogurt.

In fact, I love yogurt. Fruit on the bottom. Fruit not on the bottom. Put some nuts in it. Or cereal. Or eat it plain.

When I was a kid, the cherry was always my favorite. Kids don't generally eat yogurt! But I did! This was before that gogurt squeezy stuff and the Trix put spinkles on it, this was 70's plain, eat it because I said so and I'm your mother! Yogurt. So I am not biased against all yogurt. Just this... ancient Greek fermented semen and buttermilk combo.

Yoplait... I still love you... Just not your Greek. Please fire him, immediately!!

K. Thanks. Bai!!

Jen <3


LeeLu Creations said...

I know exactly what you mean! I bought this because some of my friends were talking one day about how much they love Greek yogart. I mean, how different can the Yoplait brand be from whatever the names of their fave brands were that they were trowing out?

Ummmm....all I can say is that I am not a fan. It's too tart and just not at all yummy. I don't get it either.

Jen said...

Thanks for commenting, LeeLu. :)
I'm not willing to try any of the other Greek yogurts out there, not after this fiasco. I shudder when I pass them in the store now. I have flashbacks. I think I have pgysd!! (post greek yogurt stress disorder)

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